So, You're A Yoga Teacher, Now What?

An amazing online program for new yoga teachers | taught by Ashley Talbott
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Ashley Talbott
Ashley Talbott
Founder, Yoga For That

About the instructor

Ashley Talbott, Yoga For That's founder, understands the athletic body. She knows that it’s tight, injury prone and needs a decent stretch. But, she also believes that yoga should be inclusive, welcoming and un-intimidating. Her classes provide a fun, safe space for novices and experts alike. They come for the body rejuvenation and stay for the tunes! With a fun approach to modern yoga, you won’t be focusing on chakras and energy here. You’ll be facing yoga with an athlete's perspective; to stretch and heal, to exercise and lengthen. All of this combined with Ashley’s fun and warm approach - you’ll find yourself in a class that focuses on what your body needs in that moment.

Ashley was born and raised in Vancouver, but don't be surprised by her love for tropical weather.

When she's not walking her adorable pup, Lucy, you can find Ashley teaching yoga, writing, hiking, or enjoying a coffee in the sunshine.

There's always time for coffee. And sunshine.


You’ve finished your teacher training, now what do you do?

I remember what it felt like after I finished my teacher training. I doubted that I would ever find a job, and if I did, would I be good enough to keep it?

I found a job teaching a regularly scheduled class within 6 months of finishing my training. I will share with you how I got that job and how I have increased the number of classes I teach regularly. Not only am I now teaching for a living but I am also a teacher trainer, training new students to become great yoga teachers!

What you will get

  • 10 days of training covering teaching practices and the business of yoga

  • Forever access to the course content

  • Access to the private YFT Yoga Teacher Resource Facebook group where you can post questions, comments, and share your experiences with Ashley and others

  • The tools you need to build a successful yoga teacher career

  • Journalling cues and "homework" to put the teachings into practice

  • And more!

For only $197 you will have access to this invaluable content that will drive you towards a successful yoga career!

With hours of relevant content available at your convenience - FOREVER - you will no doubt gain valuable skills in launching your successful yoga career!

Are you still unsure if this course is for you? I promise you will gain valuable tools to help you succeed if you say YES to any of these statements:

  • Are you a new yoga teacher wondering what your next step is in your yoga career?

  • Have you always dreamed of becoming a successful yoga teacher but you are having a hard time finding work?

  • Are you an experienced yoga teacher who would love to grow their business?

  • Are you an experienced yoga teacher who is looking to expand their yoga business by finding your niche?

  • Are you a yoga teacher who wants to know how to appropriately deal with conflict?

In the “So You’re a Yoga Teacher, Now What?” online course you will learn the techniques you need to become a successful yoga teacher!

Course Contents

1 Presentation
15.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Introduction to YAYTNW & Lesson One - Atmosphere